A new reality TV series.

Richard Moroz lives outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  He raises peacocks and goats, but his business is selling lifetimes.

He’s an estate sale expert who comes into someone’s life when it’s winding down to sell their belongings.  Sometimes the person’s dead.  Sometimes they are moving into a home for the elderly.  Sometimes they are just moving on.

Richard comes on the scene, whether it’s a house, a farm or an acreage, appraises their belongings and then manages the sale along with any work required to make the dwelling fit for the next resident.

Each sale is different because everyone’s life is unique.

Once, Richard found thousands of dollars hidden behind a wall.  Another time, he found a family heirloom ring that had been thought lost for good.

Richard has sold estates of jewelry worth tens of thousands.  Art worth hundreds of thousands.  Classic cars worth millions.  He never knows what he’s going to find and every sale is different

SALE OF A LIFETIME tracks Richard’s exploits managing and selling the contents of someone’s life.  Each episode reveals the story behind a unique sale conducted by Richard and his assistants, Lea (30), Rowen (24), Lisa (36) and Margaret (72) along with life on his peacock farm with his daughter Korrina (26) and his beautiful wife Dianna.

Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, always entertaining, the sales reveal Richard’s knack for engaging people which enables him to be the most successful estate sales expert in the province as well as endearing him to those he deals with.  He’s funny, engaging, wise-cracking, a larger-than-life character who’s an expert appraiser of art and jewelry.  Each sale and therefore each episode, becomes an engaging tale of assessing, marketing and negotiating the best price for someone’s belongings accumulated over a lifetime.  Set in central Saskatchewan, the show will have episodes selling anything from Mennonite furniture to antique tractors.  Each sale is a surprise and Richard makes them a unique experience.

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