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Feature Film projects:

Perfect Arrangement” - Romantic comedy.  An ambitious Indian immigrant falls for an aspiring singer-songwriter while orchestrating a marriage of convenience with the beautiful closeted lesbian manager of the restaurant where he works.  Screenplay available.

Dead Wrong” - Thriller. After falling for a beautiful woman he saved from suicide, a recovering manic-depressive helps her fake her own death so she can escape her neurotic and dangerous drug-dealing ex--only to be charged with her murder.  Screenplay available.

The Wild Swans” - Fantasy. A spunky young princess must save her eleven brothers who've been turned into swans by an evil sorceress.  Based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale.  Screenplay available.

Love/Sick” - Drama. After the suicide of his fiancee, a young teacher tries to save his fiancee’s younger sister from her abusive father.

Stage Play:

Entitlement” - an out of work screenwriter takes a job teaching a college scriptwriting course.  When an ambitious student challenges his methods, he must fight for his job.  A satire about the transformation of education to Edutainment. Premiered at Summerworks Theatre Festival, Toronto, August 2013. Playscript available.

Short Film:

Tribes” - Thriller. A Muslim college student learns her new boyfriend may be a white supremacist. Script available.

Web Series:

The Ethnic Squad!” - Comedy.  Two bitter veterans of the old police ethnic squad have been passed over for promotion and are forced to do community police assignments.  They cause more problems than they solve. Pilot script available.

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TV comedy series concepts:

“Club Fed” - An egotistical hedge fund manager incarcerated for insider trading inadvertently prevents the other criminals in the cushy white-collar prison from benefiting from their crimes, while hoping to redeem himself in the eyes of society and his wife. He doesn’t realize his few allies are convinced he’s hidden his ill-gotten gains, which they intend to purloin for their own purposes.  Pitch available.

“I Hate My Life” - Mismatched parents, entitled mixed-race kids, and guilt-tripping in-laws from both sides of the ocean and the tracks.  A youth comedy about another kind of modern family.  Pitch available.

TV drama series concepts:

“In Custody” - An outspoken Sikh Mountie must uncover the truth in a small town.  Developed pitch available.

TV movie projects:

“Savita’s Stone” - A young, budding archaeologist steals a priceless gem from her country’s Royal Museum to protect it from religious fanatics who think art is unholy.  Pitch available.

Reality/Factual concepts:

Sale of a Lifetime” - Reality. Richard Moroz sells people’s lives through his thriving estate sale business in Saskatchewan.  He also has one of the largest flocks of peacocks on the prairies. View the TALENT DEMO.

Kill Shot” - Reality.  Retired veteran sniper, Jody Mitic attempts to recreate famed shots from combat history and police archives.


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