Dead Wrong


Suicide is a deadly way to fall in love





DEAD WRONG: 1 X 100:00





In the vein of Jagged Edge and Double Indemnity.

Suicide is harder than it looks. Just when undiagnosed bi-polar Charlie Matthews thought he’d figured out how to do it—by jumping off a bridge—he spies a beautiful woman about to do the same thing! Instead of jumping to die, Charlie jumps to save her.

Her name is Ariane and she’s involved with an abusive wannabe drug dealer named Tony McNaughton. Because he’s too busy setting up his first big score, Tony decides to hire Charlie to be Ariane’s shadow and make sure that she doesn’t do anything like that again.

Charlie doesn’t know it, but he’s an undiagnosed bipolar. And his manic state helps crank up the intensity of his relationship with Ariane. Ironically, Tony is guilt-ridden over his treatment of Ariane and attempts every kind of therapy there is to resolve it.

Realizing the only way they can be together is if Ariane is out of Tony’s life—something he’d never allow—Charlie cooks up a plot for them to stage her suicide. If Tony buys that she actually succeeded, they can start a new life together somewhere else.

Even though their plan goes off without a hitch, Tony’s not convinced she’s dead. When an undercover drug cop and an ambitious prosecutor squeeze him over a drug investigation, he sees his chance and offers to co-operate and wear a wire on one condition—they investigate Charlie for Ariane’s disappearance.

The cops pick him up. If Charlie reveals the truth, Tony will know Ariane is alive. If he keeps his mouth shut, he could go to jail—for a murder that never happened!

On the one hand, Charlie’s up against cops and a prosecutor who need Tony’s co-operation to bring down a biker drug lord and may be willing to sacrifice him to get what they want.

On the other hand, he’s up against Tony who, despite his dysfunctional behaviour, loves Ariane as much as Charlie does.

What neither Charlie or Tony count on is Ariane. She confounds them both, orchestrating a chaotic reunion with Tony in order to save Charlie.  With the cops bearing down on them, she sends Tony to meet his death while Charlie discovers that Ariane is smarter than everyone.

Potential cast:

Ryan Gosling (“The Notebook”) - Charlie

Barry Pepper (“Saving Private Ryan”) - Tony

Evangeline Lily (“Lost”) - Ariane